PostgreSQL pg_top pgcenter - 实时top类工具

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PostgreSQL 的统计信息、实时会话信息、操作系统状态信息等汇总,统计,展示。

1 pgcenter

Command-line admin tool for observing and troubleshooting Postgres.

pgCenter is a command line admin tool for PostgreSQL.  
  pgcenter [flags]  
  pgcenter [command] [command-flags] [args]  
Available commands:  
  config        configures Postgres to work with pgcenter  
  record        record stats to file  
  report        make report based on previously saved statistics  
  top           top-like stats viewer  
  -?, --help            show this help and exit  
      --version         show version information and exit  
Use "pgcenter [command] --help" for more information about a command.  
Report bugs to  
./pgcenter -p 1921 top  

2 pg_top;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master

                                                         Version 3.7.0  
                                                           Mark Wong  
                                                and a cast of ... a few  
pg_top is 'top' for PostgreSQL. It is derived from Unix Top. Similar to top,  
pg_top allows you to monitor PostgreSQL processes. It also allows you to:  
    * View currently running SQL statement of a process.  
    * View query plan of a currently running SELECT statement.  
    * View locks held by a process.  
    * View user table statistics.  
    * View user index statistics.  
CAVEAT: version 3 of pg_top has internal commands that kill and renice  
processes.  Although I have taken steps to insure that pg_top makes  
appropriate checks with these commands, I cannot guarantee that these  
internal commands are totally secure.  IF YOU INSTALL pg_top SET-USER-ID  
TO ROOT, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK!  I realize that some operating  
systems will require pg_top to run setuid root, and I will do everything  
I can to make sure that pg_top is a secure setuid program.  
To compile and install "pg_top", read the file "INSTALL" and follow the  
directions and advice contained therein.  
If you make any kind of change to "pg_top" that you feel would be  
beneficial to others who use this program, or if you find and fix a bug,  
please send the change to the pg_top mailing list.  
In order to monitor a remote database, the pg_proctab extension needs to be  
created on the database to be monitored.  Any operating system that pg_proctab  
supports can be monitored remotely on any operating system.  See details for  
pg_protab here:  
Be sure to read the FAQ enclosed with the distrubution.  It contains  
answers to the most commonly asked questions about the configuration,  
installation, and operation of pg_top.  
Project home page:  
If you have git, you can download the source code:  
git clone git://  
Selena Deckelmann & Gabrielle Roth, and the beer & free wi-fi at County Cork  
pub in Portland, OR, USA.  
pg_top is distributed free of charge under the same terms as the BSD  
license.  For an official statement, please refer to the file "LICENSE"  
which should be included with the source distribution.  
Mark Wong  
yum install -y cmake3  
su - postgres;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master  
tar -zxvf pg_top-72088ce.tar.gz  
cd pg_top-72088ce  
alias cmake=cmake3  
cmake -DDESTDIR=/var/lib/pgsql/pg_top  
make install  
pg_top monitors a PostgreSQL database cluster.  
  pg_top [OPTION]... [NUMBER]  
  -b, --batch               use batch mode  
  -c, --show-command        display command name of each process  
  -C, --color-mode          turn off color mode  
  -i, --interactive         use interactive mode  
  -I, --hide-idle           hide idle processes  
  -n, --non-interactive     use non-interactive mode  
  -o, --order-field=FIELD   select sort order  
  -q, --quick-mode          modify schedule priority  
                            usable only by root  
  -r, --remote-mode         activate remote mode  
  -s, --set-delay=SECOND    set delay between screen updates  
  -T, --show-tags           show color tags  
  -u, --show-uid            show UID instead of username  
  -V, --version             output version information, then exit  
  -x, --set-display=COUNT   set maximum number of displays  
                            exit once this number is reached  
  -z, --show-username=NAME  display only processes owned by given  
  -?, --help                show this help, then exit  
Connection options:  
  -d, --dbname=DBNAME       database to connect to  
  -h, --host=HOSTNAME       database server host or socket directory  
  -p, --port=PORT           database server port  
  -U, --username=USERNAME   user name to connect as  
  -W, --password            force password prompt  


man pg_top/share/man/man1/pg_top.1

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