PostgreSQL 12 preview - plan_cache_mode参数控制强制使用plan cache或强制custom plan (force_custom_plan and force_generic_plan)

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plan cache在OLTP中,可以大幅降低生成sql parser, 执行计划的开销。

但是在某些场景中,plan cache可能成为问题,比如AP类型的场景中,由于SQL 输入条件的变化(通常AP业务涉及的条件可能比较容易出现这样的问题),可能导致plan cache并不是最佳的执行计划。

PostgreSQL 12开放了一个参数plan_cache_mode,允许用户使用强制custom plan或者强制使用plan cache,或自动模式(默认)。

强制plan cache,类似于oracle的cursor_sharing = force。

强制custom plan,可用在plan cache执行计划不准的场景。


plan_cache_mode (enum)  
Prepared statements (either explicitly prepared or implicitly generated,   
for example in PL/pgSQL) can be executed using custom or generic plans.   
A custom plan is replanned for a new parameter value,   
a generic plan is reused for repeated executions of the prepared statement.   
The choice between them is normally made automatically.   
This setting overrides the default behavior and forces either a custom or a generic plan.   
This can be used to work around performance problems in specific cases.   
Note, however, that the plan cache behavior is subject to change,   
so this setting, like all settings that force the planner's hand, should be reevaluated regularly.  
The allowed values are auto, force_custom_plan and force_generic_plan.   
The default value is auto. The setting is applied when a cached plan is to be executed, not when it is prepared.  
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