PostgreSQL 11 preview - pgbench 支持大于1000链接(ppoll()代替select())

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$ pgbench -j 3000 -c 1500  
invalid number of clients: "1500"  



PostgreSQL 11这块会改掉,使用ppoll代替select,超过1000个连接。

[trying again for 2018-01]  
This patch enables building pgbench to use ppoll() instead of select()  
to allow for more than (FD_SETSIZE - 10) connections.  As implemented,  
when using ppoll(), the only connection limitation is system resources.  
The patch has been implemented to introduce a minimal of #ifdef/#ifndef  
clutter in the code.  
Without this patch, one is limited to '(FD_SETSIZE - 10)’ number of connections.  
Example of something that fails without this patch but works with the patch:  
Without the patch:  
$ pgbench -j 3000 -c 1500  
invalid number of clients: "1500"  
With the patch:  
$ pgbench -j 3000 -c 1500  
starting vacuum...end.  
transaction type: <builtin: TPC-B (sort of)>  
scaling factor: 2000  
query mode: simple  
number of clients: 1500  
number of threads: 1500  
number of transactions per client: 10  
number of transactions actually processed: 15000/15000  
latency average = 631.730 ms  
tps = 2374.430587 (including connections establishing)  
tps = 4206.524986 (excluding connections establishing)  
Doug Rady  
Amazon Aurora, RDS PostgreSQL  


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