invalid SRID: xxxx not found in spatial_ref_sys

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The OpenGIS "Simple Features Specification for SQL" defines standard GIS object types, 
the functions required to manipulate them, and a set of meta-data tables. 
In order to ensure that meta-data remain consistent, 
operations such as creating and removing a spatial column are carried out through special procedures defined by OpenGIS.

There are two OpenGIS meta-data tables: 
The SPATIAL_REF_SYS table holds the numeric IDs and textual descriptions of coordinate systems used in the spatial database.


ERROR: invalid SRID: 5514 not found in spatial_ref_sys



I have in my table column geom with geometry, data type of this column is geometry(Point,102067).   
I want to change SRID from 102067 to 5514, but if I use this command  
select UpdateGeometrySRID('my_schema', 'table', 'geom', 5514) ;  
docs say: ERROR: invalid SRID: 5514 not found in spatial_ref_sys CONTEXT:   
SQL statement "SELECT UpdateGeometrySRID('',$1,$2,$3,$4)"  
I found, that EPSG:5514 = EPSG:102067 (both is S-JTSK_Krovak_East_North),   
but in second table I have EPSG:5514, and for example comand ST_Contains says: Operation on mixed SRID geometries.  


The error happened because EPSG:5514 is no added in spatal_ref_sys table. So you can add it using the following query.  
INSERT into spatial_ref_sys (srid, auth_name, auth_srid, proj4text, srtext) values ( 5514, 'EPSG', 5514, '+proj=krovak +lat_0=49.5 +lon_0=24.83333333333333 +alpha=30.28813972222222 +k=0.9999 +x_0=0 +y_0=0 +ellps=bessel +towgs84=589,76,480,0,0,0,0 +units=m +no_defs ', 'PROJCS["S-JTSK / Krovak East North",GEOGCS["S-JTSK",DATUM["System_Jednotne_Trigonometricke_Site_Katastralni",SPHEROID["Bessel 1841",6377397.155,299.1528128,AUTHORITY["EPSG","7004"]],TOWGS84[589,76,480,0,0,0,0],AUTHORITY["EPSG","6156"]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0,AUTHORITY["EPSG","8901"]],UNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433,AUTHORITY["EPSG","9122"]],AUTHORITY["EPSG","4156"]],PROJECTION["Krovak"],PARAMETER["latitude_of_center",49.5],PARAMETER["longitude_of_center",24.83333333333333],PARAMETER["azimuth",30.28813972222222],PARAMETER["pseudo_standard_parallel_1",78.5],PARAMETER["scale_factor",0.9999],PARAMETER["false_easting",0],PARAMETER["false_northing",0],UNIT["metre",1,AUTHORITY["EPSG","9001"]],AXIS["X",EAST],AXIS["Y",NORTH],AUTHORITY["EPSG","5514"]]');  
Click on the side menu under PostGIS to see the insert query.  
Check if SRID-5514 is inserted using:  
SELECT * FROM spatial_ref_sys WHERE srid = 5514;  
Once you have inserted it, you can then change the SRID of your geometry column using the code:  
SELECT UpdateGeometrySRID('your_schema', 'table', 'geom', 5514);  
You can then check the change using:  
SELECT ST_SRID(geom) FROM table LIMIT 1;  



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